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New York is tough when it comes to DWI laws. If you’ve been charged with a DWI, you need to be represented by a competent DWI lawyer/ DUI lawyer with experience in the state of New York. For a free consultation call us at (718) 746-5017 or contact us immediately.

Because of the desire to get drunk drivers off the streets, DWI’s are one of the few misdemeanors that carry with it a sentence of possible jail time. In addition to jail time, there are substantial fees and other penalties that can be handed down including but not limited to community service, suspended driver’s license, restricted driving privileges, being on probation and more.

When it comes to a DWI, each case is different. That is why it is important for your lawyer to come up with a strategy that best suits your case. Jonathan Kaye is a NY DWI lawyer/ DUI lawyer that has worked on both sides of the court system. Jonathan’s years as a state prosecutor and now a NY defense attorney gives him the knowledge he uses today to defend his clients.

A DWI is a very serious charge. It’s a charge that can follow you for the rest of your life. For that reason, it is in your best interest to be represented by an attorney that is very experienced in DWI law. But experience is not the only thing Jonathan brings to the table, he is determined to do everything possible to get your charges dismissed or weakened.

When it comes to defending your DWI charges, Jonathan Kaye is the only call you need to make. Then let his years of experience defending hundreds of clients go to work for you.    

NY DWI Laws - Age 21 & Older

Below are the fines and sentences for a convicted DWI. Our goal is to get them weakened or dismissed.
1st DWI Offense - Misdemeanor

Fine min $500 - max $1000, Jail up to 1 year
Minimum 6 month revocation

2nd DWI Offense(within 10 years) - Class E Felony

Fine min $1000 - max $5000, Jail up to 4 years
Minimum 1 year revocation

3rd DWI Offense(within 10 years) - Class D Felony

Fine min $2000 - max $10000, Jail up to 7 years
Minimum 1 year revocation


  • "Thanks Jonathan for helping me out so much. I was scared after getting my 2nd DWI. You helped calm me down and allowed me to start sleeping again. I hope there isn't anybody I know that will have to go through this, but if I do, I will highly recommend your services." Thanks again, Melissa D. Queens NY

  • "Hi Jonathan, Thank you so much for helping me with my DWI. I'm so glad that nightmare is over. You helped put my mind at ease and I felt so much better right after I spoke with you. Don't take this personally, but I hope I never have to call you again!" Carol E. Queens NY

  • "Jonathan, thanks again for getting my DWI charges reduced. I didn't think there was a chance of that happening. Unfortunately, I just had a friend get a DWI over the weekend. I told her who to call." Mike S. Queens NY