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DWI Treatment

A DWI arrest can have a profound effect on individuals and families. For some, it’s their first offense and their trying to figure out what went wrong. For a multiple offender, their career, livelihood, relationship or family could be at stake. Some people who get arrested for a DWI will feel that they are somehow the victim. They might feel that they were unjustly treated or that the arresting officer was out to get them. These types of people will come up with a dozen reasons of why they were arrested, of course none of the reasons will include them being at fault. Unfortunately, this type of person will rarely seek help, and they will get very little out of the required programs that will need to be taken if convicted. However, some people realize there is a problem. They might have gotten a DWI but realize that a much worse scenario could have played out, a scenario where people got hurt. Treatment is most helpful for this type of person. Because while this person may realize there is a problem, without the proper tools this person may fall right back into the same pattern that got them into trouble in the first place. ¬†With the proper support, the individual will be better prepared to determine the best course of action to take when a potentially dangerous situations arises. In New York, first time offenders are required to take a drunk driving program. It’s important to go in with the best intentions and absorb the knowledge given. Because there is a good chance it will help you not make future mistakes.

While the drunk driving program required by the courts may be helpful, you may desire or be required to get more help. You may be required to have an evaluation if you are convicted of a DWI to determine the degree of your alcohol problem. After the evaluation you may be required to take some type of alcohol abuse program. If you choose to seek something out voluntarily, there are many services to help people involved in a DWI. Different services will offer different types of support, including classes, individual counseling, group counseling and online classes. There are many programs to choose from and they offer many different levels of support. Some may even encourage family participation. Programs can range substantially in price and level of service from bare bones to places that you don’t leave the premise for an extended time. Obviously the place you choose will have to fit your needs. The good news is that there is a service to fit your needs.


NY DWI Laws - Age 21 & Older

Below are the fines and sentences for a convicted DWI. Our goal is to get them weakened or dismissed.
1st DWI Offense - Misdemeanor

Fine min $500 - max $1000, Jail up to 1 year
Minimum 6 month revocation

2nd DWI Offense(within 10 years) - Class E Felony

Fine min $1000 - max $5000, Jail up to 4 years
Minimum 1 year revocation

3rd DWI Offense(within 10 years) - Class D Felony

Fine min $2000 - max $10000, Jail up to 7 years
Minimum 1 year revocation